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Stainless steel castings

We source Stainless steel investment castings & Centrifugal castings made from various grades using state of the art plant in India. Stainless steel Investment castings give net to shape components where minimum or no machining is required. Casting weights 100gms to 25 Kg per piece for investment castings and 2 Kg to 600 Kg per piece for centrifugal casting possible.

Alloys/ Specifications possible - 1.4008,1.40271.4059,1.4312,1.4552,1.4408,1.4581,1.4843,1.4865,1.4867,1.4837,2.4966,2.4979,2.4482,2.4537,2.4566,2.4360, ANC11,ANC 19, ANC 20, ANC 21 etc.

The facilities include

Shell Room - Centrally air conditioned with conveyors for drying shells, humidity control, environment friendly colloidal silica slurry systems.

Wax Pattern shop - Centrally air conditioned with automatic wax presses.

Dewaxing - Autoclave from USA used for this purpose.

Melting shop - High Frequency Inductotherm furnaces 100 Kg -300 Kg Capacity.

Fettling shop - Shell Knock out and cut off processes.

Heat Treatment- Solution annealing, water & oil quenching, tempering, case hardening is done.

Tool Room - EDM machines, CNC Milling, surface and Cylindrical grinding.

CNC Turning centres, Vertical milling centres for machining of stainless steel casting 

Quality Assurance and Control - Spectrometer, tensile tester, Microscope, CMM, NDT magnetic particle testing, Dye penetrant testing and Third party Radiographic testing facilities.

Quality Certification- ISO9002.

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