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Code of conduct

INDIA EUROPE AL hold, that fair play cooperation, social engagement and the environment thinking are the holding pillars of our society.
We target to meet this basic approach sustainably and consider the holding pillars, while acting economically on the international markets.

1. Area of application:
This code of conduct is the basis of all business relationships referring to national and international production processes. The responsible people of the whole contribution chain of all suppliers and all product processes of the products that we mediate and/ or procure, have to assume the obligation.

2. Keeping laws
The respective production units have to keep the national and international laws, instructions, industrial minimum standards and l all relevant regulations.
It is not allowed to avoid these norms by collective and /or similar agreements

3. Children work
Children work and any kind of exploitation of labor of children and adolescent will not be tolerated by INDIA EUROPE AL.
Below school attendance employment is not allowed, below 15 years age employment is not tolerated.

4. Discrimination
Any discrimination by employment and appointment is forbidden. Particularly every differentiations, exclusion or preferableness is forbidden. In particular this is valid for following characteristics: race, caste, skin color, sex, age, credo, political awareness, union member ship, handicapped people, ethnic- , national- & social background, nationality, and sexual orientation.

5. Compulsory labor
Compulsory labor, servitude, slavery or similar state of things will not be tolerated by INDIA EUROPE AL.

6. HSE
Health, safety and ecology have to be conserved to all intents and purposes of the country rules. All measures have to be considered in this context.

7. Bribery and corruption
Any kind of bribery and corruption is not acceptable.

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